Sunday, December 16, 2012

RoseShock Inspired~

Last night as my mom was hi-jacking my PC I had nothing to do so I decided to do my make-up for no reason. There are people all over to world with amazing make-up skills that are my role-models and inspiration so I decided to do a look inspired by RoseShock. She is amazing with her make up and I love looking at her pictures~ I used a few reference pictures that I'll include in this post. I hope you'll all enjoy them. I had so much fun doing this look and I might do some more in the future.

These are the two pics that I used for reference.

And this is the look I made:

This is the close-up:

I know that the eyebrows are not the same, but this was the first time I recreated that type of eyebrow, and not to mention I do have eyebrows so it was pretty hard to get the exact shape. But I hope you still like it.

Here are some more pictures, cuz I'm a cam-whore. xD

And these are my favs:

I especially love the last two pictures. ♥

Also, the wig is the courtesy of my good friend who I borrowed it from for a Hobit inspired party last week. I kinda like how I look with blonde hair. But not enough to dye it like that. 

I hope you enjoyed this and please tell me what you think of it and if you maybe have some request what I should do next. I'm not a pro but I will definitely do my best.


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